Jenny & Francesco

On a warm summer evening, the hearts of Jenny and Francesco were united in marriage in Matera, the city of the “Sassi”. As the sun gently descended towards the horizon, love intertwined along the winding and characteristic streets, while a constant soundtrack animated this evocative and ancient city.

Jenny and Francesco decided to get married and organised a fairytale wedding in just 15 days, thanks to the fantastic work of @liaserra.apuliawedding . The location? The couple’s own property transformed by the Wedding Planner.

The air, scented with history and romance, enveloped every corner of Matera, creating a timeless backdrop for this extraordinary celebration of love. The guests, dazzled by the suggestive lights and the architectural beauty of the Sassi, walked lightly, carried away by the magic that hovered in the air.

Jenny and Francesco, in love and radiant, chose to celebrate their wedding in Matera. Every detail was taken care of with love and dedication, as if each element had the function of telling their unique story. From the delicate flowers that adorned the altar to the candles that danced to the rhythm of the wind, everything was designed to create a romantic and enchanting atmosphere.

The ceremony, emotional and meaningful, provoked the moved looks of the guests as Jenny and Francesco exchanged promises of eternal love. The sincere and profound words, spoken with a trembling voice, merged with the echo of the millennial stones, creating an unforgettable moment for all of those who were fortunate enough to witness that magical instant.

The party continued into the warm summer evening, with the sound of laughter and melodies filling the air. The guests danced and toasted to the happiness of Jenny and Francesco, while the cameras captured every moment of joy, emotion, and love with attention and skill.

Thank you to Jenny and Francesco for giving me the opportunity to witness their love and for allowing me to capture the soul of this wedding in Matera. I hope that every collected image tells their love story authentically, conveying the unique energy that made this wedding such an unforgettable moment. May their love continue to shine like the stones of Matera, radiating happiness and serenity for a lifetime.

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