Claudia & Leonardo

“Wedding in Puglia: The boundless love of Claudia and Leonardo at Masseria Luco, Martina Franca”

It’s wonderful to share the incredible love story of Claudia and Leonardo, a couple whose hearts are intertwined between two worlds, which found its pinnacle in the beautiful setting of Puglia, where their love found its home in an unforgettable Destination Wedding.

Claudia, originally from Rome, and Leonardo, from Martina Franca, met years ago, and what seemed to be only a fleeting encounter turned into a deep love that resisted distances.

Their story is a true example of love without boundaries. Claudia and Leonardo have always felt a strong bond with Leonardo’s land, Puglia. There was no better place to seal their love than in the heart of this charming region.

For all of the above reasons, with great enthusiasm, Claudia and Leonardo decided to celebrate their wedding in Puglia. The religious ceremony took place in the evocative Church of Carmine, in Martina Franca, a place rich of history and spirituality. Every step towards the altar was a symbol of the love that guided them along this path.

The reception was held at the wonderful Masseria Luco, an ancient residence surrounded by the unspoilt beauty of the Apulian countryside. The magic of the place enveloped the guests, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and shared joy.

Every detail of the wedding was taken care of with love and dedication, making this day even more special. From the delicate floral arrangements that adorned the church and the farmhouse, to the refined choice of the menu, everything reflected the elegance and unique personality of Claudia and Leonardo.

Looking at the video of their wedding, one can perceive the intensity of the emotions that surrounded the air that day. The acknowledging looks, radiant smiles, and passionate hugs tell a story of eternal love.

May their love continue to grow and prosper, across geographical boundaries and may the bond they have created in Puglia be a bright beacon guiding them along their path together.

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