Gabriela & Fabio

In the evocative context of the Itria Valley, Fabio and Gabriela sealed their love with an unforgettable destination wedding, attended by friends and family from all around the world. She, hailing from distant Poland, and he, originally from Belgium, chose to get married in the heart of Noci, among the centuries-old olive trees and the trulli that characterise this wonderful region of Puglia.

Their love has been a journey that has crossed borders and cultures, leading them to choose the beautiful Itria Valley as the setting for their special day. The religious ceremony took place in the suggestive Church of San Domenico, dating back centuries, and shrouded in an atmosphere of sacredness and serenity. Here, in front of family and friends, Fabio and Gabriela exchanged promises of eternal love, sealing their fate together.

The reception, held at the evocative Masseria Bonelli, gave guests a unique experience. Immersed in the natural beauty of the Itria Valley, they were able to enjoy local culinary delights and savor moments of conviviality and joy. Laughter, toasts, and dances filled the air, creating an atmosphere of celebration and happiness.

Fabio and Gabriela chose the Itria Valley as the setting for their wedding because they desired a place that embodied the magic, authenticity, and beauty of Puglia. In this corner of paradise, they found a unique and enchanting environment that made their day even more special and unforgettable.

Their wedding in the Itria Valley was a tribute to diversity, love, and the strength of bonds that overcome distances and cultural differences. Together, they created a unique love story and intertwined their roots, carrying with them the warmth and passion of their homelands.

May their love continue to grow and blossom like the millennia-old olive trees of the Itria Valley, radiating happiness and serenity along their path. May the memories of that magical day in Noci remain forever etched in their hearts, testifying to the eternity of their love and the union they celebrated in the wonderful Itria Valley.

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